Our Services


Lifestyle Photography

The viewer asks themselves the question, ‘how does this fit into my life, and does this make me happy?’ A lifestyle photograph cuts it down to the fundamental question of happiness by displaying not just an object, but a way of living.


Instagram development and management

If you want your brand to look like a work of art, let us get our hands on your Instagram page. Our Instagram development service gives your business a stunning Instagram feed with a constant flow of strategic images. Get the digital presence you desire, and the followership you need.


Creative Event photography

Event photography has the tendency to be a bit vanilla, but we'd like to give that a style adjustment. We believe that event photography shouldn't just summarize an event, it should capture the emotion of the experience.



A retainer agreement is best suited for clients who would like our services on an ongoing basis. A retainer allows you and your business to access our services without acquiring a new contract every time you'd like to work with us.

Retainer's are negotiated upon request and can range in price and length